The New and Improved Firehouse Pub offers delicious food, great entertainment and a comfortable atmosphere

tap_450_wideFirehouse Pub, formerly known as Archie’s Pub, is a quiet neighborhood hangout for those 21 years and older. Recently undergoing a facelift, inspired by new owners: Jim and Char Suire and Kari Mitchell, the Firehouse sets a tone of ease and comfort. Patrons, new and old, settle at a barstool or table and fall into the easy conversation with the owners and staff.

The atmosphere of the Firehouse is truly crowd pleasing, beginning with entertainment. 5 television sets around the building allow for some after work channel surfing. The pool table has been recently refurbished, with new cues and balls and allows for a little friendly competition. Want some individual entertainment? We have video poker too. Or simply find a table, grab some friends, or strangers, and sit down for a friendly card game. Need internet access? We have that too.


As diverse as the entertainment is, the menu is more so. Adding to original favorites like the classic cheeseburger and fries. Firehouse Pub also has a range of culinary masterpieces- quesadillas, burgers, chicken strips, barbeque wings, etc. Trying to watch your wallet? We have a value menu too. Maybe water will quench your thirst most days, but other days may require something else. Try one of our delicious draft beers, we have 10 of the coldest on tap! Need something else?Firehouse Pub now has a fully stocked liquor bar. Or maybe you would prefer wine or a glass of champagne; the Firehouse can accommodate.

Whatever you may be looking for, Firehouse is a great local spot for a midday snack or an after work sip